Jacob Bosmoe

Jacob Bosmoe

Jacob Bosmoe's unique blend of experience in K-college education/administration, art production, construction, small business ownership, gallery management, world travel, and community involvement make him the ideal candidate to provide your school or organization with an art education program that goes far beyond teaching simple techniques for art creation. Bosmoe fuses his teaching of fine art fundamentals in drawing, painting, and animation, with humor, life experience, creativity, and contagious excitement that will motivate and educate young and old alike.

Each residency will begin with a 30 minute presentation for your entire group. Bosmoe will share images of his artwork, and stories of his travels, and unique work history that will provide entertainment, encouragement and inspiration for the members of your group.

Choose from the followings topics that will be taught to groups no larger than 25 at a time:

1. Basic Drawing – (Grades 6-adult) Students will learn techniques to improve their focus, observation skills, patience, creativity, speed, comfort and accuracy when seeing and drawing.

2. Drawing – (Grades 6–adult) “Taming the Beast” Participants will learn techniques for loosening up their drawings through blind contour drawing, finger painting, holding brushes with their mouths, speed drawing, and round robin group drawing. These beastly drawings will then be carefully tamed with shading in graphite, cross hatching with ink, gradations with chalk pastel, and blending from oil pastels.

3. Basic Painting – (Grades 6-adult) Participants will learn about the properties of watercolor and acrylic paints, canvas, paper, brushes, color mixing, and several techniques for the application of paint.

4. Painting – “Collaborative Mural” (All Ages) Bosmoe will create a line drawing on large sheets of hardboard. Small groups will take turns on the mural in sixty minute sessions. Bosmoe will be present during all painting sessions to provide guidance, feedback, suggestions, and to paint alongside participants.

5. Basic Animation – (Grades 9-adult) Students will learn the basics of animation through the making of flip books, cut paper stop motion photography, and simple computer animation using only Microsoft paint and movie maker.

6. Animation - “Claymation” (Grades 9-adult) Participants will write a short story, create concept drawings and a storyboard drawing, build a set from found objects and paint, sculpt characters from clay, wire, and found objects, patiently film using stop motion photography, convert photographs into a finished movie with audio using movie maker.

The length and subject of each residency will determine specific material needs, project outcomes, meeting times, group sizes, and other variables.

Jacob Bosmoe
221 S Greenwood St
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Email: jacob.bosmoe@gmail.com
Phone: 605-228-5619


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