Linda Roesch is a professional watercolor and acrylic artist from Roscoe, SD, who has spent the last ten years creating commissioned artwork and plein air painting throughout the western United States; selling her work at art fairs and festivals, and sharing her experiences in the classroom.
Linda strongly believes that having a basic understanding of the elements of design plays a key role in appreciating and enjoying life; and that anyone can find value in making art, even if you don't consider yourself an artist.
During a typical residency, Linda will talk about elements of design like color, shape, line, pattern, balance and texture. Students will learn basic watercolor techniques and talk about different jobs that artists can do. Elementary students make patterned paper, then create collaborative collages after learning about Henri Matisse. Middle grade students work on multi-dimensional cityscapes inspired by Starry Night and Vincent Van Gogh. High school students may learn plein air painting techniques and get the chance to document a historical location in their town while working outside.
Growing up in a rural community, Linda experienced firsthand the struggles that Art programs can face in smaller schools. Linda believes that Art should be a priority and that every child should have access to the Arts (from a REAL ARTIST!) She looks forward to bringing an upbeat, engaging and c-o-l-o-r-f-u-l program to your school and your community.

Grade Level: K-12, adult

Contact: Linda Roesch
Roscoe SD
phone: (916) 221-8586
I would like to be your artist-in-residence, Linda Roesch Youtube:

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