David Allan Evans was appointed Poet Laureate of South Dakota by the governor in June of2002. He is the recipient of creative writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bush Artist Foundation and the South Dakota Arts Council. Evans has been a Fulbright Scholar twice in China, and his poetry has been translated into Chinese by the scholar Zhang Ziqing. The author of 2004’s The Bull Rider’s Advice, he has published several books of poems, the most recent being Decent Dangers, collections of short stories and memoirs of his studies in China. With his wife Jan, Evans wrote Double Happiness, Two Lives in China. Over 250 of Evans’ poems have been published in magazines, and his poetry, along with short stories and essays, have been reprinted in over 60 anthologies. A number of his poems also appear in middle and high school anthologies. Evans encourages students to have fun with language and believe they have a unique way with words. If possible, he prefers to integrate writing with other school disciplines such as science, art and athletics. Students write frequently and often create an anthology of writings to be published after the residency.

Grade levels: 7-12
David Allan Evans
Sterling Green Estates
300 S Dakota Blvd
Dakota Dunes, SD 57049
phone: 605-271-0466, cell phone: 605-691-3416
e-mail: Evansde1114@gmail.com

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