WILLSON & MCKEEWillson & McKee

Willson & McKee mix the right amount of information with participation to equal a large amount of learning and fun. This husband and wife duo bring 20 years of touring and educational programming, as well as national and international awards, to their work. Studying abroad with traditional musicians, dancers and storytellers, the duo stresses the enjoyment and connection of “folk” music to all aspects of traditional and contemporary life, and encourages students to examine their own cultural heritage.

Residencies begin with a 45-minute all school assembly, then includes songs, dance, storytelling, cultural information, hands-on activities, and close student/artist interaction with the core groups. The residency culminates in a student Ceili/Ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) for parents and community.

They have shared stages with premier Celtic performers and win rave reviews for their recordings, while focusing on education and programs for schools and communities of all sizes! Professional at every step of the residency process, they remain flexible and adaptable to each school and community’s unique personality. Not only a great educational experience, but fun people too!

Grade levels: Pre-K-6
Dual artist residency (sponsor cost $1000/week)
Kim McKee
PO Box 449
LaVeta, CO 81055
phone: 719- 640-5380
e-mail: jigheads@jigheads.com
website: www.jigheads.com

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