Jordan Thornton

**Jordan Thornton is not available for residencies in 2019, but will be available beginning in January 2020. If you would like to host Jordan for a residency during the FY20 grant cycle, please ensure your requested dates are January-June 2020.

Jordan creates awareness of printmaking as a way to exchange ideas and impart our experiences on both present and future generations. As a medium, printmaking often holds an overlooked sense of historical value. Through Eastern printing techniques and the invention of the printing press, printmaking has accelerated our ability to communicate and to educate people throughout the entire world. Printmaking is everywhere: on our shirts, posters, billboards, books, calendars, newspapers, etc. Today, printmakers of all kinds continue to utilize their medium to communicate ideas and push boundaries artistically, conceptually, socially, and politically.

Jordan’s residencies include workshops in multiple kinds of relief printmaking, bookmaking, and alternative printmaking and paper-art techniques. Presentations and lectures will cover the history of printmaking, the different printmaking techniques, and what the world of printmaking looks like today. Jordan will also give an artist talk featuring her own work. All residencies and presentations will be tailored to the age and size of the groups of participants. By integrating printmaking into the schools and communities of the Dakotas through artist residencies, Jordan’s work sheds light on not only a less recognized form of visual art, but also an important tool for sharing and documenting ideas and history.

“This printmaker captures motions from her everyday life, her surroundings, and presents them in an active and engaging way. Her work stretches beyond the frame, and guides its audience to do the same, to take notice of the intricacy of life directly in front of you.” (Jarding, Amy. “Jordan Thornton - An Inspiring Interview.” JAM Art & Supplies Blog. 5 February.2015.

Jordan Thornton is a printmaker living in Sioux Falls.

Grade Level: PreK-adult
Contact: Jordan Thornton
South Fork, CO
Phone: (605) 728-2908

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