Susan HeggestadSusan Heggestad is a mixed-media artist with over ten years of teaching experience in a wide variety of settings: the elementary school classroom, weekend workshops and summer art camps for kids, workshops for adults, the college studio classroom, and in workshops for people with disabilities. Through exercises in printmaking, bookmaking, drawing, and sculpting, she encourages students to explore art as a means to develop and celebrate their identities. Visual art can enable students to explore the ways that family, religion, gender, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, and other cultural influences help shape their sense of self. Further, art reflects what is going on in society and enables students to have some influence over their environment – it is a process of communication and discovery. It can have a significant educational impact by encouraging communication and conversation about issues that are important to students.

Susan received her MFA in Printmaking from the State University at Buffalo (SUNY) in 2002, and her BFA from the University of South Dakota. Her work has been showcased at the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences in Sioux Falls, the Haydon Art Center in Lincoln, Neb., North Dakota State University in Fargo, as well as numerous other venues. In addition, she is the recipient of several awards, including a South Dakota Arts Council Artist Grant in 2007.

Susan M Heggestad
409 S Pine Street
Vermillion, SD 57069-3515
Phone: (605) 624-4766

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