Embodying a unique and inventive approach to the art of mime and physical theatre, Discovery Mime/ Movement Theatre is an imaginative combination of mime, mask, slapstick, juggling, puppetry, music and drama. Since 1981, professional theater artists Brian Begley and Mary Inman have toured across the US and in Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. In addition to their popular mime shows, the new and visually stunning movement theatre production "Constellations" is available in 2013; and "Take Flight," a collaboration with Imaginez Ensemblez of Chicago, is available in 2014.

Fee structure: Performance $750 to $4,500, Workshops and master classes available. SDAC support up to 50%.
- Mime shows $750
- Workshops/master classes $150 [scheduled w/ a performance]
- Constellations show $4500
- "Take Flight" $4500
- Residencies available, limited availability

Technical Requirements: -For mime shows: A clean, bare, 12 foot by 16 foot performance area with good sight lines to the stage floor and adequate lighting. Changing area for the actors is appreciated. -For "Constellations!": Formal theatre performance area required. The show travels w/ a complete light show, sound system, technicians, and has considerable technical requirements. Dressing area for 9 actors required. Complete technical information is available. -For "Take Flight": 20x20 foot stage area with 22 feet ceiling clearance for flying apparatus, dressing for 3 actors. Additional technical info is available.

Contact: Brian Begley
905 West Clark St, Vermillion, SD 57069
(605) 624-6718

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