Jim GrothJim Groth

Jim Groth, one of the best guitar players around, is also a talented songwriter, a gifted soulful vocalist, and has a vast knowledge of rock, Celtic, blues, gospel, and folk.

To put it simply, Jim is a true artist and the real deal. I've seen him perform in small intimate settings and in front of a thousand people on the main stage at the Sioux River Folk Festival, and he's never failed to connect with each and every person there. -Gaynor Johnson, Concert Coordinator, South Dakota Friends of Traditional Music

Technical requirements: Requires main sound with one monitor, one direct box, one microphone and stand, and an armless
chair. Lighting and stage or platform optional. If artist provides sound, the fee is $100 extra.

Fee structure: Performance $250 to $750; Workshop $100 to $300. SDAC support up to 50%.

Contact: Jim Groth
48462 267th St., Valley Springs, SD 57068
(605) 757-6646
e-mail: jimgroth@hotmail.com

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