Ralph Hepola

•Which Instrument Do YOU Want to Play?
•How Do You Play a Brass Instrument?
•A Very Special Instrument: the Tuba!
•Improvisation in Jazz, Rock and the Blues.

Ralph also mentors your music students in clinics, workshops, rehearsals and a final concert.

Residency Philosophy
All children deserve access to arts-related, educational experiences of the highest quality. Having skills in both teaching and music, Ralph helps students perform with confidence and pride. They have fun and work together as a team. He can also assist the music teacher in building a better music program. Ralph is eager to travel anywhere in the great state of South Dakota!
* Principal Tubaist with Minnesota Opera at the Ordway- Minnesota’s Premier Performing Arts Center
* Extensive experience including teaching, concerts, recordings,
radio broadcasts and tours
* Switzerland’s Basel Symphony Orchestra
* BME, Northwestern University
* The United States Army Band of Washington, D.C. References are available.
Grade levels: K-12, Adult Music

Ralph Hepola
406 Wacouta Street, #314
Saint Paul, MN 55101-2051
(612) 803-8914
e-mail: info@ralphhepola.com
website: www.RalphHepola.com

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