Altman E. StudenyBelieving strongly that each individual has an irreplaceable role to play in his or her own community, Altman Studeny's residency projects use art as a tool for community-building with a particular focus on collaborative installations and story-sharing.

Studeny's experience with producing work about the Power of Place in South Dakota makes him especially competent to guide participants in a journey through the creative content to be discovered in the past and present of their very own communities. During a residency with the artist, participants will delve deeply into the resources of their hometowns through such fun and formative explorations as historical scavenger hunts, visits to local museums and archives, collection building, and conversations with family and neighbors. Each residency period is individually tailored to showcase what is often overlooked so that participants might be reintroduced to what is special about themselves and what makes the places where they live and learn unique above all others.

If your town is preparing to commemorate an anniversary or special event, if your school is readying itself for a reunion, or if you are simply interested in bringing the many unique strands of your community's population together to be empowered by the act of collaborative art making, please contact the Arts Council so Mr. Studeny can begin developing a program with you today!

Residencies for PreK-Adult

Altman Studeny
PO Box 367
Plankinton, SD 57368

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