Congratulations on receiving a South Dakota Arts Council Grant! The South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC) staff is committed to our grantees and your success. We recognize the responsibility of administering grants. If you have questions on how to administer your grant, contact:
Kate Vandel, Grants Specialist
Phone 605-773-5925

Details for TOURING ARTISTS ONLY [linked here]

Details for INTERIM GRANTS ONLY [linked here] (includes instructions for Arts Opportunity, Professional Development, Technical Assistance, and Arts Educator Grants.)



HOW TO GUIDE: Document gives you the information you and your staff need to know regarding our goals and expectations. [linked here]

General Terms and Conditions of all SDAC Grants: Document provides all the terms and conditions of the SDAC Grant Agreement, provided here for reference only. [linked here]

W-9 Instructions: Instructions for completing your W-9. We can ONLY accept the form provided; we cannot accept any other W-9 forms. [linked here]



Sign and return the GRANT AGREEMENT and W-9. (Emailed from AdobeSign)

To REQUEST FUNDS [REQUEST form linked here]
* You must return the Grant Agreement and W-9 prior to requesting any grant funds.

  1. Grant payments are made in installments. To request funds, submit the Request for Payment form [linked here]. Each request for payment is to be no more than the amount you will spend in a 60-day period. Requests may be made as needed to complete your activity, but they must fall within your grant period (July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023).
  2. To receive the final 10 percent of your grant funds, submit a completed Final Report (grant evaluation). ALL GRANTEES must submit a Final Report. Failure to submit a Final Report will jeopardize your access to future SDAC funding.

To complete your FINAL REPORT*
Submit a Final Report using the directions below:

  1. Return to and LOGIN
  2. Click the "Grant Applications & Forms" tab at the top of the page, below the logo
  3. Look for the heading for your FY23 Grant, read as "Grant Name FY23"
  4. Click the teal "START Final Report" button
  5. Follow the directions provided to complete and submit your Final Report
  6. AFTER you complete and submit your FINAL REPORT, submit a Request for Funds form online via the Adobe Acrobat Sign Webform [linked here]. ALL grant funds must be spent by June 30, 2023.

ALL GRANTEES must submit a Final Report. Failure to submit a Final Report will jeopardize your access to future SDAC funding.

[GRANT] abbreviation listed depends on your grant type. The Final Report link is ONLY active for grants submitted the grantee and approved by the SDAC.

*Arts Challenge and Statewide Services Grantees, please see note at bottom of page.


Use the Final Report templates: These documents provide the data fields and presents the general format of the final report. This document cannot be submitted as a final report but will help you to organize information before completing and submitting the report online.

Artist Reports PDF | WORD

Organization Reports PDF | WORD

CREDIT [SDAC logos linked here]

By accepting grant funds from the SDAC, you agree to credit the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Dakota Arts Council. All published material and announcements regarding any project/production funded through this grant must include the following statement: South Dakota Arts Council support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

We request that you display/include South Dakota Arts Council logos in printed programs, promotional materials, and/or organizational newsletters. South Dakota Arts Council logos are available for download [linked here] or by request (email


*NOTE to Arts Challenge and Statewide Services Grantees

You will complete an Interim Report for year one of your grant and a Final Report in year two. For year one (FY2023) click the link that reads “EDIT Interim Report #GRANT00…” You do not need to submit your Interim Report or Final Report until you are ready to close out your grant for year one and year two, respectively, and request the final 10% of funds for each grant year. ALL GRANTEES must submit an Interim Report and Final Report. Failure to submit these reports will jeopardize your access to future SDAC funding.

Keep in mind, INDIRECT COSTS NOTICE – Grantees with a federally negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement may want to recover the Indirect Costs (or a portion of them) that are incurred because of implementing and meeting the goals of their proposal. If this is the case, your organization must identify “Overhead and Administrative Costs” as a line item under “E. Remaining Operating Expenses” in the “Budget - Expenses” section of the final report. Grantees cannot use “Overhead and Administrative Costs” as part of their match. We ask that applicants calculate actual indirect costs associated with the proposal and do not simply use a percentage of their project budget. Please ensure that you are not “double dipping,” i.e., costs must be consistently charged as either indirect or direct costs but may not be double charged or inconsistently charged as both. The final report must identify and document the discrete, specific expenses that fit within this line item.

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