Dominant 7

Group of musicians with instruments stand/sit along a concrete wall outdoors.10 NSU students one faculty leader, performing a variety of music from classics like Rimsky Korsakov fanfares to Dirty Dozen Brass band tunes to jazz standards to polkas, to the very popular "Trombone Shorty" and Youngblood Brass Band tunes. the performances include lots of audience involvement, from passing out percussion instruments to kindergarten students to the performers choosing teachers and willing students for polka partners while the rest of the school howls with delight. As a
community concert the group entertains in a somewhat more refined style, with more solo artistry emphasis and intricate arrangements played with a shockingly beautiful brass tone. The group has the flexibility, due to the global experience and goals of the leader as a public figure and speaker, to appear under the auspices of "say no to drugs" and "D.A.R.E. and anti suicide campaigns in the South Dakota Schools.
Dr. Grant Manhart, leader, trumpet artist, vocals, percussion, arranger, NSU, Aberdeen; Callie Marlette, Trumpet, vocals, Senior, Gettysburg, South Dakota; Calvin Cramer, Trumpet, Junior, Camp Crook, South Dakota; Amanda Wentz, Trumpet, vocals, Junior, Bismarck, North Dakota; Chris Massa Trumpet, vocals, Senior, Rapid City, South Dakota; Tyler Googdion, Trumpet Sophomore, Rapid City, South Dakota; Paige Tooker Trumpet, vocals, Freshman, Warner, South Dakota; Paul Fellbaum, Trumpet, Sophomore, Waubay, South Dakota; Tyler Schwann, Trombone, vocals, Senior, Minot, North Dakota; Delayna LaBelle, Trombone, vocals, Sophomore, Sturgis, South Dakota; Erin Wolter, electric bass, vocals, Fredrick, South Dakota; Joel Schlottman drum set, Senior, Rapid City, South Dakota; Alternate drummer: Dr. Terry Beckler, Assistant Professor of Percussion, NSU Faculty, Aberdeen

Technical requirements:The group can play with a minimum of electric power for the bass amplifier, and a small vocal amplifier with the rest of the group acoustic

Fee structure: Performance Workshops and clinics and master classes with K-12 classes, band classes, choirs, general assemblies. $500 to $1,500; Master class or workshop $500 to $1,00. SDAC support up to 50%.

Contact: Dr. Grant Manhart
12786 397th Ave., Bath, SD 57427
(605) 626-2982 or (605) 290-3740

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