Candy Hamilton, a twenty-year veteran as an Artist in Schools and Communities, makes her classes fun, entertaining, and useful. Smell things, touch things, look at objects for details and specifics—and with imagination. All kinds of things come out of the sensory bag as Hamilton teaches sensory writing. She also teaches best approaches to editing and rewriting based on examples from E.B. White’s essays, children’s stories, and poems as well as other writers’ work. Reading and writing are essential partners to good writing, so Hamilton provides plenty of examples of what she teaches. Pictures and fine art reproductions also provide inspiration for stories and poems.
In addition to completing her master’s degree at USD with a collection of short stories as her thesis, Hamilton has taught classes from pre-K through college and worked extensively with Native children and adults.  Hamilton has worked as a researcher and consultant to several films and television documentaries made in South Dakota and worked extensively with youth at risk.
Hamilton’s poetry and short stories have appeared in Woven on the Wind, Prairie Peaks and Skies, Kansas Quarterly, Blue Pitcher, Daedalus, Women's Words, and a variety of other collections. Her articles and short stories have been published in many newspapers and magazines including the Christian Science Monitor, People, Life, Winds of Change, and several South Dakota publications,
She stresses that using the five physical senses and emotions improves writing as do reading, observation skills, word choice, and revision. Fun and games help demonstrate these elements. Myth writing and family projects as well as news writing and public speaking can also be part of her residency. For Hamilton, the key word for any residency is flexibility to make the residency what the participants and sponsoring agency want.

Grade levels: K through adult
Rapid City, S.D. 57701

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