Grete Bodøgaard immigrated to the United States from Norway with her spinning wheels, yarn and looms in l969. Her weavings have been commissioned throughout the Midwest, including St. Michael’s Church in Sioux Falls and Rapid City Regional Hospital. Her exhibitions include A Fine Line, a touring exhibition to the Portland Center for the Arts and to the Center for Tapestry Art, New York; The Human Weft at the
American Renaissance Gallery in Portland; Beyond the Spill, an environmental exhibit at the Alaska Fine Arts Center in Anchorage; Norwegians in America in Hamar, Norway, and World Weavers Wall at the Gryphon Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. Bodøgaard’s residencies cover all stages in the spinning, dyeing with natural dyes, design and weaving of a wide range of natural fibers. Students may create individual designs or a class project that can be displayed in the school. Bodøgaard is the recipient of the 2002 South Dakota Governor’s Award for Creative Achievement. Her 2005-06 exhibits include Endless Possibilities, the Governor’s 2nd Biennial Art Exhibition, Norwegians in America: the Evolutions of a Folk Art Tradition, and American Tapestry Biennial SIX.

Grade levels: Pre-K-12 
Grete Bodøgaard
PO Box 211, Volin, SD 57072
phone: 605-267-4945, cell phone: 605-390-7553

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