Cheryl Peterson Halsey teaches students visual problem solving, and a good work ethic. In her residencies, she uses individual, group and all-school projects to stimulate students' curiosity and develop their problem solving skills. Exploring possibilities and sharing that with students using common and readily available material is Cheryl’s passion. According to the artist, “The freedom to pursue a thought or idea lends itself to unique possibilities, and the discovery of new solutions to problems. We can invent our own problems or solve existing ones.” Halsey often works three-dimensionally—her favorite mediums being paper, glue, cardboard and found objects,-but she also offers residencies in drawing. "Where there’s an Art teacher, we have a great time brainstorming and pursuing the mission”. Her commissioned installations can be seen at Sioux Falls’ Children’s Care Hospital & School, Avera McKennan Hospital’s Pediatric Clinic, Sioux Falls Surgical Center, the Middle Border Museum in Mitchell, Sanford Children's Hospital, and in private collections.

Grade levels: Pre-K-12
Drawing/Murals/Environmental Installation
Cheryl Peterson Halsey
41040 309th St., Springfield, SD 57062
phone: 605-369-2861

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