The ancient techniques of Turkish marbling and Japanese suminagashi have survived the mists of time and are brought to life during a paper marbling residency with Mary. Everyone loves the magical mantra of motion, color and pattern that is the essence of the marbling process. Nearly as amazing are the many fascinating and tangible connections these art forms have with science and history.

Mural painting is a great way to leave a fun and indelible mark both on the minds of participants and on the public hallway or multipurpose room. Mary has overseen the production of over 100 murals and weaves in lessons about color theory and design during the project. A common side-effect is the development of pride and ownership of common property. Murals average about 8’ x 24’ in size but have been as tall as 20’ and as long as 100’. Each mural is custom tailored to fit location and audience.

In today’s complex world, it is more important than ever to imagine and create. Since 1983, Mary Wipf has participated in nearly 800 weeks of residencies throughout the Dakotas and Manitoba in numerous school systems, community libraries, art centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and special needs institutions.

Mary believes that art—the creative expression of one’s unique self—helps to satisfy the need to learn and communicate at a basic level: “Through art, we experience a broadened and more intense awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Art increases depth of knowledge, advances overall growth, and builds rigor in our educational settings. The people of South Dakota are our most important resources. It is imperative that their creativity be sparked, challenged, and cultivated to enrich their lives and at the same time enhance society as a whole.”

Participants learn skills and build confidence in Mary’s residencies which emphasize hands-on experiences, but may also include teacher in-service workshops, PowerPoints and community presentations. Media explored may encompass printmaking, drawing, paper marbling or creation of a mural.

Grade levels: Pre-K-12 & Adults
Drawing/Murals/Printmaking/Paper Marbling

Mary Wipf
22435 Jim Creek Lane
Deadwood, SD 57732
phone: 605-342-2552

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