Darwin Wolf began sculpting in 1979 at Northern State University and has developed his work through experimentation in bronze foundries while becoming an accomplished sculptor. His commissions and award-winning work can be viewed on his website. Wolf’s primary goals are for his students to create sculptures they can be proud of as well as for them to gain new insights into the creative process. Therefore, his residencies delve into the complexities of art and explore the works of the great masters even as he helps his students demystify the process of art creation. Quick and fun history lessons are inserted here and there as students become sculptors. Sponsoring organizations can opt for students to work in air-dry clays with excellent results, or students can work in sculpting wax if they want their work ultimately to be cast in bronze. Wolf also incorporates drawing and eye development exercises that improve skills and give students the opportunity to laugh at themselves and become comfortable with their art. With whatever sculpting material is selected, the eye is trained to see in a new way while students learn fun facts about the creation and creators of sculpture.

Grade Levels: K-12 and adults
Darwin Wolf
7505 W. Chesapeake Lane
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
phone: 605-362-5256
e-mail: darwinwolf@wolfbronze.com
website: www.wolfbronze.com

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