Marcia Wilson Holliway

Marcia graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 1984 and has self taught several art forms. She has been a practicing Artist since 2000, has been in magazines, been endorsed by South Dakota Arts Council since 2013 and been permanently added to their roster for the AiS/C program. She continues to learn and perfect new artistic skills.
Stories are one of her prevalent inspirations and Artistic journaling has been one tool she uses to explore questions, truth, her identity and seeing the beauty even in her darkest stories. “Your whole being is made up of hundreds if not thousands of stories.” Marcia says. “As you age these stories develop and merge and sometimes repeat themselves. Your stories also, like the books in the library can be full of laughter and heartache, twists and turns, difficulties and solutions, climaxes, beginnings and endings. They will of course have many characters some of which will be good and others evil. They will stir up a wide range of emotions such as fear, joy, anxiety, regret, loneliness, peace, hope, excitement and bewilderment. Some of your stories were written by others and other stories you have penned yourself. These stories, moments in time, have helped shape your self-image and therefore who you become. In turn they merge into the stories of your loved ones and into your community. Everyone loves stories; they create community, understanding and educate us.”
“We live in community, our stores involve and revolve around community; they bring us together.” Although our stories and journals can be kept private, Marcia is convinced that life is most fulfilled when we share them.
Marcia’s residencies include but are not limited to “SEE ME BE” – a journaling journey, “This is ME” – a mixed media self portrait and “This is US” – a collaborative installation of masks.

Artistic Journaling/Mixed Media/Set Design/Colored Pencil Painting/Drawing: pencil, ink
Grade Level: K-Adult
Contact: Marcia Holliway
Phone: 605-521-4255

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