Linda Thompson - Lakota beaded moccasins & leggings, and Lakota cradleboards

Master: Linda Thompson, Lower Brule
Belinda Joe, Ft. Thompson
Wendy Wells, Lower Brule           
Art Form: Lakota beaded moccasins & leggings

Linda Thompson, who lives on the Lower Brule Reservation, is an expert bead worker and regalia maker. She worked with two women to teach the making of beaded moccasins and leggings; her apprentices were Belinda Joe of Ft. Thompson and Wendy Wells of Lower Brule. Belinda learned beadwork when she was younger but hadn’t done it for years; now she is making a pair of moccasins for herself. Wendy also learned to bead when she was young, and has made dance outfits for her children, but never took on the more traditional and complex work of making moccasins until now. Both Wendy and Belinda plan to teach what they learn to Indian youth.

Belinda Joe shows the tipi design she has beaded on her moccasin tops.

Women (Belinda Joe) sits and presents a pair of moccasin tops.               

Linda Thompson with a beaded pipe bag she made.

Woman (Linda Thompson) stands, presenting a beaded pipe bag. Fringe at bottom of the bag.

Wendy Wells studies a book for beadwork pattern ideas.
Women (Wendy Wells) sitting in chair reading large book.