Hugh Weaver - Cowboy silver engraving

Master: Hugh Weaver, Sheridan, WY
Apprentice: Brett Bronson, White Owl
Art Form: Cowboy silver engraving

Brett Bronson of White Owl, who is an accomplished blacksmith and has started making bits and spurs, wanted to develop his skills in decorative silverwork and engraving to improve the quality of his work. He apprenticed with master silversmith Hugh Weaver of Sheridan, Wyoming, to learns techniques and designs that he can use in his own work. The apprenticeship grant also allowed him to purchase tools and equipment so he could set up his own shop.

Two men (Brett Bronson and Hugh Weaver) standing together    
    Brett Bronson and Hugh Weaver in Hugh’s shop in Sheridan.   

Four intricate black leather belts with hand-crafted buckles lined up vertically.         
    Silver and gold belt buckles made by master silversmith Hugh Weaver