John Waddle - Cello restoration

Master: John Waddle, St. Paul, MN
Apprentice: Chris Unverzagt, Sioux Falls
Art Form: Cello restoration

Chris Unversagt of Sioux Falls wanted to learn the intricacies of stringed instrument repair directly from a master in the time-honored system of apprenticeship that has been a part of the instrument making world for centuries. Although the instruments and the music they play are usually considered part of the fine arts, the process of construction is still a very traditional art form. John Waddle of St. Paul, Minnesota, a well respected instrument maker and restorer, agreed to help Chris with the restoration of an old cello he found in a thrift shop. The cello was made in the 1800s and has several cracks and previous badly-done repairs, so it will provide an excellent training ground for Chris to bring it back to its original beauty.

Chris Unversagt and John Waddle study a violin top in John’s Minnesota shop.

Chris Unversagt and John Waddle (two men) study a violin piece in shop.

John Waddle’s violin repair shop on St. Paul, Minnesota

John Waddle seated at work bench working in violin repair shop. Violins hang over his head.