Dallas Chief Eagle - Lakota hoop dance

Master: Dallas Chief Eagle, Marton
Apprentice: Jasmine Pickner, Rapid City
Art Form: Lakota hoop dance

Dallas Chief Eagle of Martin has been teaching hoop dancing to his stepdaughter Jasmine Pickner of Rapid City since she was a young girl. Several years ago they had an apprenticeship to work together more intensively, and at the end of that time Jasmine became the first female to win the teen division of the World Hoop Dance Championships. This year Dallas and Jasmine continued to develop her skills, and also worked on a joint performance that they present at schools and community events. Jasmine also learned skills to support her growing business as a performer in her own right. In the fall of 2007, Dallas and Jasmine were invited by the American Folklife Center to perform at the Library of Congress and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

Jasmine Pickner (woman kneeling at left of) and Dallas Chief Eagle (man standing at right and behind woman) together in red and black traditional clothing with hoops.

Jasmine Pickner and Dallas Chief Eagle perform at the Library of Congress in November 2007.