Bill Peterson - Midwestern fiddling

Master: Bill Peterson, Canton
Apprentice: Nathan Glazier, Sioux Falls
Art Form: Midwestern fiddling

In his quest to perpetuate the Missouri Valley style of fiddling he has learned from Dwight Lamb of Iowa, Bill Peterson took on two apprentices this year. This is Nathan’s second apprenticeship with Bill, and he worked on learning new tunes as well as revisiting some he already knew. They have been to visit Dwight several times since Bill feels it’s important to go to the source, and Dwight has many stories and experiences to relate that enrich the music itself. Bill, and Nathan have also been performing locally and regionally, getting this unique musical tradition out to a wider audience.

Bill Peterson of Canton (left) shares Midwestern fiddle tunes with apprentice Nathan Glazier.

Three men play fiddles in interior of house. Master Bill Peterson (at left), Apprentices Nathan Glazier and Josh Scott.