Diane Comes - Lakota Beadwork

Master: Diane Comes, Wanblee
Apprentice: Sherman Bear Ribs Jr., Wanblee
Art Form: Lakota beadwork

Diane Comes (whose original last name is Comes Out Holy) grew up around beading and learned the basics from her grandparents. She has been beading for over 25 years, and makes her living selling lots of small items at Native American shops, galleries, and museum stores around the state, as well as more involved pieces like dolls, which are commissioned. One of her dolls in in the Smithsonian. Sherman Bear Ribs already knew how to do beadwork on a loom, so Diane has been teaching him other techniques such as peyote stitch and beading on hides.

Sherman Bear Ribs working on a beaded turtle.
Man (Sherman Bear Ribs) seated worked on beading a turtle.

Beaded baby moccasins made by Diane Comes.
Pair of baby moccasins made by Master, Diane Combs.