Alvin Pipe On Head - Lakota Crafts

Master: Alvin Pipe On Head, Oglala
Apprentice: Timothy Two Bulls, Oglala
Art Form: Lakota buffalo horn spoons and woodcarving

Alvin Pipe On Head learned beadwork form his mother and has been doing the work since he was a teenager. Later he took Lakota craft classes at the local college, and taught himself to make ceremonial buffalo horn spoons. Alvin chose to pass his knowledge on to his nephew Timothy Two Bulls, and the two worked on making wooden horse dance sticks, buffalo horn spoons, and a beaded dance stick and fan.

Spoons shaped from buffalo horns, with beadwork decoration, made by Alvin Pipe On Head.
Buffalo horn spoon with purple and yellow beadwork

A hand drum painted with the colors of the four directions, by Alvin Pipe On Head.

Painted hand drum, painted with circle of the colors of the four directions (yellow, white, black, red). Horses of the same color encircle the four color circle.