Tilda St. Pierre - Lakota Crafts

Master: Tilda St. Pierre, Kyle
Apprentices: Vanessa Brings Him Back, Kyle
Art Form: Lakota beadwork & quillwork

Vanessa Brings Him Back was new to beading, but had a long family history with the art form, and under Tilda St. Pierre’s expert, patient guidance she completed her first pair of beaded moccasins. Tilda taught her how to measure for a perfect fit, and how to fit the design to the shape of the moccasin. The design in red, blue and yellow came from Vanessa’s grandfather, and was applied to moccasins with buffalo hide soles and elk hide tops.

Apprentice Vanessa Brings Him Back with her first pair of moccasins.
Women (Apprentice Vanessa Brings Him Back) seated with pair of moccasins, beaded across toes, on her lap.