Mary White-Country - Dakota dolls and cradleboards

Master: Mary White-Country, Sisseton
Apprentice: Anpao Buckanaga, Sisseton
Art Form: Dakota beadwork & parfleche

Mary White-Country is an accomplished Dakota beadworker and doll maker from Sisseton. She has taught beadwork at Sisseton-Wahpeton College and shows her work at prestigious Native American art shows like the Santa Fe Indian Market. She taught Dakota floral design work to Anpao Buckanaga an experienced bead worker herself, for this apprenticeship. They researched historical floral designs from their tribe and then Anpao developed her own interpretation of those designs to use on a beaded pipe bag and a painted parfleche bag.

A painted parfleche made by Anpao Buckanaga during her apprenticeship
Parfleche painted with floral pattern, white flower with yellow center at center of piece. Smaller blue and yellow flowers with greenery and red berries. .