Tim Britton - Irish Music

Master: Tim Britton, Fairfield, IA
Apprentice: Jill Groth, Valley Springs
Art Form: Irish Uilleann Piping

Jill Groth is a member of the Irish band Trefoil and has played the tin whistle for many years, but has always loved the sound of the uilleann pipes and in 2002 got her own set. But she struggled to learn the extremely complex and difficult instrument, so when she met master pipe maker and player Tim Britton at an Irish music workshop and he was open to taking her on as a student she leaped at the opportunity. Tim lives in Iowa, so for this apprenticeship she traveled to work with him in person every couple of months, but they also kept in touch via weekly iChat lessons. This allowed her to get frequent guidance and critiques on her technique and intonation, and support for the daily practice that is so necessary for this instrument that is strapped to the body, provided with wind via a bellows pumped with the arm, and produces music with a fingered chanter and drones. Jill says she likely would have given up learning without Tim’s expert guidance and encouragement.

Screen shot of an iChat conversation with uilleann pipe master Tim Britton, with apprentice Jill Groth and SDAC folklorist Andrea Graham in the small window.
iChat screen capture. Large photo includes image of man seated. Small thumbnail image in upper left corner includes two women seated.