Brian Miller - Irish Guitar

Master: Brian Miller, St. Paul, MN
Apprentice: Nathan Glazier, Sioux Falls
Art Form: Irish Guitar

Brian Miller and Nathan Glazier met through the overlapping Irish music circles of Sioux Falls and the Twin Cities and Nathan has had a few guitar lessons from Brian over the year, so they decided to formalize the apprenticeship with an SDAC grant. They started out talking about music theory and how guitar accompaniment in Irish music has evolved over the years with unique tunings that create a drone effect. Brian explains, “You’re looking for some way to be supportive and fit in with the rhythm that’s inherent, and the melody playing. Without being distracting or overpowering.” Nathan has brought his new skills back to the Sioux Falls Ceili Band and even taught some licks to fellow Irish musicians at informal sessions in South Dakota.

Nathan Glazier practices Irish guitar while his teacher Brian Miller plays the flute.

Seated man at left (Nathan Glazier) plays Irish guitar. Seated man at right  (teacher Brian Miller) plays flute.