Tim Britton - Irish Music

Master: Tim Britton, Fairfield, IA
Apprentice: Jill Groth, Valley Springs
Art Form: Irish Uilleann Piping

Jill Groth studied for a second year with master uilleann pipe maker and player Tim Britton, combining in-person visits with weekly check-ins via iChat on the computer. While the iChat sessions were invaluable in keeping Jill on track while learning this notoriously difficult instrument, there were some things that just would not have been possible without face-to-face lessons. For one thing, Tim picked up the fact that her instrument was the wrong size for her while watching her play at his house. The neck of the bag needed to be adjusted so she could hold it comfortably, something he noticed by the way she was struggling to achieve a comfortable grip. They also worked on making and adjusting the double reeds for the pipes, an added benefit of Tim’s experience as a maker of the pipes.

Jill Groth with her uilleann pipes.
Jill Groth