Bill Peterson - Missouri Valley Style Fiddling

Master: Bill Peterson, Canton
Josh Rieck, Sioux Falls
Tim Jewell, Sioux Falls
Art Form: Missouri Valley Style Fiddling

In his quest to spread Missouri Valley style fiddle music solidly into South Dakota, Bill Peterson took on two new apprentices, teaching Josh Reick the fiddle tunes, and working with Tim Jewell on the guitar accompaniment. They met weekly in Josh’s music store, String Theory Luthiery, and were often joined by other aficionados of the music. Josh and Tim have recently become interested in old-time music traditions, and were intrigued with the Missouri Valley style that is distinctive to this region. Bill has taken them to meet Dwight Lamb, from whom he learned, to emphasize the importance of the direct lineage the music has in southeastern South Dakota, eastern Nebraska, and western Iowa. By teaching the younger men he hopes to keep the tradition going for many more generations.

Josh Reick, Bill Peterson, and Tim Jewell after one of their practice sessions at Josh’s instrument shop in Sioux Falls.
Three men standing in a row with instruments in a small shop.