Sandra Kern Mollman is a theatre theorist, performer, director, playwright, lyricist, and composer. She has a passion for authentically exploring with others the creative spaces where discoveries are made. When people are allowed and encouraged to explore their own unique passions and creative expressions, they discover that they live a purposeful life, a life that is essential to the world in which they live. This expression works to build confidence; nurture empathy for others; and to introduce tools for activating accomplishments while alleviating anxieties and fears.

Sandra brings theatre into South Dakota schools and communities that allows individuals to participate as they are, sharing their own strengths, interests, experiences, passions, and perspectives, and to have fun while passionately pursuing and discovering what it is to be alive. Theatre allows communities to come together to:

• Learn about each other: our dreams, desires, fears, strengths, creative expressions.
• Practice for real life interactions; take risks in a fictional world
• Discover the multiple perspectives different individuals bring to every interaction
• Understand difference as a positive tool for problem solving
• Share the richness of our differences and similarities
• Create possibility
Theatre skills are used to create our real lives: we are all playwrights, actors, and directors of our own worlds. We collaborate with each other, like theatre artists, to make our visions our realities. What we imagine, we can become.

The Theatre Creator: This residency allows participants to create a piece of theatre from beginning to end, as they experiment with all of the elements of theatre, including creating concepts, playwriting, design, acting, directing, and audience.

The Playwright’s Workshop (or Crafting Together a Three Dimensional Holographic Real-Time Moving Sculpture to Take Place in a Future Time and Place with Yet Unknown People): This residency focuses on bringing to the surface the creative spirit in the form of crafting a play.

Sandra Kern Mollman has studied and worked in New York City; Omaha; Boston; Ogden, Utah; and South Dakota. Since 2007, she has been an instructor at the University of South Dakota teaching on-campus and online courses: Introduction to Theatre, Film Appreciation, Introduction to Fine Arts, Introduction to Acting, and English Composition. She lives on a pretend farm with one husband, two kids, two dogs, eight chickens, and a cat named Spiff.

Grade Level: K-12 to Adult
Contact: Sandra Kern Mollman
Address:  30717 University Road, Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: 605-670-9753
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