Arts Directory-The Arts Directory lists many of the nonprofit arts organizations in South Dakota. It includes only those organizations that respond to a request for listing information. If the reader knows of an arts organization that should be added to this list, or that contact information needs to be updated, s/he is asked to contact the SDAC office.

Arts Festivals Directory- The directory is maintained primarily to offer artists information about possible markets. However, it is also an excellent site for those who enjoy attending arts festivals. Information is provided on a volunteer basis by communities and festival groups across the state. It is not an inclusive directory. If readers know of a festival that should be added, please contact the SDAC office with the information. 

Powwow Schedule Link provided by the South Dakota Tribal Relations.

These directories are available in an Adobe Acrobat® PDF format. To print the PDF directory, you first need to download and install the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0. 
The South Dakota Arts Council Directories list nonprofit entities that respond to requests for information. Additions and changes are made at the beginning of each month. A complete update of entries occurs in late fall. 
Please read the State of South Dakota Disclaimer prior to using any SDAC file.

South Dakota Art in State Buildings Collection

An opportunity for visual artists is the Art for State Buildings Program.

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