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South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC) Touring Arts help make the arts available in all regions of the state by providing funds to non-profit sponsor organizations for presenting Touring Arts. The artists and art exhibitions listed in this roster have been selected on the basis of quality by review panels and the South Dakota Arts Council.

Sponsoring a Touring Artist

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General Modifications to the Touring Arts Program

Due to the negative impacts of COVID-19, we are extending accommodations to benefit our Touring Artists and Sponsors in the following ways until June 30, 2021:

  1. Sponsoring non-profit organizations (Sponsors) are encouraged to host live online performances/engagements with SDAC Touring Artists. Sponsors are organizations designated as federally tax-exempt under the IRS Section 501(c)(3), units of government, schools, or nonprofit educational institutions.
  2. Touring Artists and Sponsors will work together to develop parameters for live performances that consider the health and safety of the performing artists, Venue staff, volunteers, and audience members.
  3. The South Dakota Arts Council encourages Touring Artists and Sponsors to work together to negotiate an event/program cost that works for both parties. The Arts Council will waive the Sponsor’s required matching funds of up to 50 percent of the program costs if the Touring Artist agrees. Sponsors should work with Touring Artists directly, prior to a contract being submitted to the Arts Council, if they are unable to meet the full match.  
  4. Although the purpose of the Touring Arts program is to distribute roster artists widely throughout the state, we recognize that many artists may not feel safe traveling outside of their home community. Therefore, artists may use Touring Arts funds for more than one performance/program in their home community.

Roster Artist Online Performances

  1. Roster Artists (Touring Artists) will work with sponsoring non-profit organizations (Sponsors) directly to schedule live online performances/engagements for the Sponsor’s audience. Touring Artists are welcome to reimagine the existing performance/program or develop new performances/programs with venues to engage with an online/virtual audience.
  2. Touring Artists and Sponsors will work together to adjust existing contracts (i.e. artist fees, location, etc.) and must notify the SDAC of any change by contacting Sarah Carlson by email or phone.
  3. Online performances/engagements must take place live for the Sponsor’s online/virtual audience, but they may include high-quality pre-recorded content or footage. If pre-recorded content is used, the Touring Artist must still provide a live online component to the performance/engagement (i.e. Q&A or storytelling with the Touring Artist, live conversation between Venue, Touring Artist, and audience, etc.)
  4. For live online performances/engagements, footage becomes the shared property of the Touring Artists and Sponsor. Touring Artists and Sponsors will work together to determine how long live video footage will be hosted online and how the footage will be shared, in whole or in part, by both parties. Touring Artists and Sponsors may not sell or receive additional payment for redistribution of video footage created for this project.
  5. The Sponsor is responsible for all broadcast and online host fees related to the presentation of artwork shared through online performances/engagements. This would include both live and/or pre-recorded copyrighted content.
  6. Touring Artists and Sponsors should work together to determine how to direct audience members to access additional information about the Touring Artist (tour dates, merchandise, downloads, additional support to the Touring Artist) or the Venue (program sponsors, general information, membership, and donations). 

The Venue is responsible for reporting only attendees reached directly (i.e. artist and venue staff/volunteers responsible for hosting), rather than through broadcasts or online programming.

Options for online performances/programs

  1. Livestream on the Sponsor’s website, Facebook/Instagram/YouTube, or other platform
  2. Limited engagements through online meeting platforms (Skype, ZOOM, etc.)
  3. Work with Sponsors to determine the best option for both the artist and the audience.

Please also note, the Standard Terms for Touring Arts events has changed. These terms are included in the revised Touring Arts Contract.
DOWNLOAD (do not complete online) one of the fillable pdf files below:
Touring Arts Contract (without digital signature)
Touring Arts Contract (for/with digital signature)

You may request a fillable contract or return completed forms to Sarah Calrson by mail or emailed to

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