1. Call, write or email the artist from the listing to negotiate the engagement: date, length of the activity/residency, number and variety of services, publicity needs; space, lighting, equipment and other requirements; negotiation of fee including SDAC assistance, time and method of payment. As part of the fee travel expenses may be negotiated and taxes must be paid if applicable. SDAC support may be less than 50 percent and must be negotiated with the contact person. In-kind services cannot be used to match SDAC fee support. All details should be agreed upon before a contract between you, the sponsor, and the Touring Arts contact person is signed.

2. The artist will send you the necessary SDAC Touring Arts contract in triplicate to be signed by the authorized official of your organization. One copy of the completed contract should be retained for your files. The other two copies must be returned to the artist.

3. Once the program is completed, you must pay your share of the artist’s fee directly to the Touring Arts contact person. SDAC pays the matching funds directly to the Touring Arts contact person.

4. SDAC will send you a sponsor evaluation form to be completed and returned to our office within 30 days of the Touring Arts engagement. Failure to return the completed evaluation form to SDAC may result in an organization’s ineligibility to receive future Touring Arts funding.

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