List of Touring Artists

1. BOOKING: A Sponsor (registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, public school/institution of higher learning, or unit of government) may contact an artist/ensemble listed on the current Touring Arts Roster to book a performance for an upcoming event/engagement. The booking information required for the artist must include the requested date, length of the event/engagement, quantity and variety of services, publicity needs, and also an explanation of available space, lighting, equipment and any other requirements necessary for the event/engagement. All details should be agreed upon before a contract is signed between a Touring Artist and a Sponsor.

2. CONTRACT: The artist/ensemble will send you the SDAC Touring Arts Program contract. The Sponsor must fully complete and sign the contract, include their EIN/TIN and all required information, and be returned to the artist immediately; the artist must submit the signed contract at least 30 days before the event/engagement. AdobeSign Touring Arts Contract webform (URL linked here).
Return completed forms to Sarah Carlson by email (

3. PAYMENT: The SDAC provides funding support through the Touring Arts Program. The Sponsor is required to pay the artist directly at least 50% of their artist fee (plus any negotiated travel expenses and applicable taxes) on the date of the event/engagement. In-kind services cannot be used to match SDAC funding support. The SDAC will pay the artist 50% match of the artist fee after the event/engagement.

4. EVALUATION: The Nonprofit Sponsor Organization MUST provide an evaluation of the whole engagement, no more than 30 days following an engagement. Incomplete or missing evaluation forms will render the organization ineligible to participate in future programs supported by the SDAC. The online evaluation is linked here.

5. CREDIT SDAC SUPPORT: By accepting grant funds from the SDAC, you agree to credit the National Endowment for the Arts and the South Dakota Arts Council. All published material and announcements regarding any project/production funded through this grant must include the following statement: South Dakota Arts Council support is provided with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism, and the National Endowment for the Arts. We request that you display/include South Dakota Arts Council logos in printed programs, promotional materials, and/or organizational newsletters. SDAC logos are available for download online [linked here]. Download and submit the evaluation [linked here] return completed forms to Sarah Carlson by emailed to

For more information, please see the SDAC Touring Arts Program page.

The SDAC is funded in part through the National Endowment for the Arts’ (Arts Endowment) State Partnership Agreement. The Arts Endowment’s General Terms and Conditions for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to Organizations apply to all grants/awards that the SDAC issues, including SPONSOR eligibility.

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