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Enthusiasm and excitement for visual art characterize the creative approach Michele David Mechling brings into classrooms and health care facilities from the first day to the last. Her passion for immersing the students and participants into ownership of the project concept invites them to open their hearts and minds to a new journey in art.  Traditional techniques of art and design principles are emphasized with each project and are the foundation for creating technically challenging and innovative collaborations.

Painting/printmaking/mixed media/ mosaics/public art are explored in Michele’s residencies as she also introduces the value of other artists’ work as examples of artistic methods and inspiration pertaining to the project. During the residency, each student will focus on their interpretation and individual images with the goal of bringing all of the images together in one final composition for everyone to enjoy.

Michele’s artistic experience, as artist, teacher, volunteer, coordinator and advocate are multi-faceted and continuously transforming into new adventures.  As an integral part of the Messy Hands Summer Art Camp, the Art Afterschool Program and the Jolley Art Block in Vermillion Public Schools, all supported by the Vermillion Area Arts Council, Michele has played a key role in bringing art lessons to children and adults for over 10 years. She has developed art projects for the Sanford Arts Vermillion Program and facilitated art making with the residents of Dakota Gardens Independent Living through many volunteer hours.  As the present Vermillion Area Arts
Council’s Education Coordinator and volunteer, Michele continues to design the art class curriculum at the Washington Street Arts Center for children and adults.  Michele is the exhibition coordinator/owner of Davida Art Company, creating partnerships between local artists and alternative venues.

“What defines us is our place in the environment that we live in and how we express ourselves in it.”

Grade Level: K– 12/ All ages 
Contact: Michele David Mechling
Vermillion, SD 
Phone: (605) 670-2945
Email: michele.mechling4dac@gmail.com

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