Darly No HeartAn indigenous Hunkpapa Lakota and a student at the San Francisco Academy of Art and UCLA, Daryl No Heart works to share American Indian fine art with others through Ancestors Art of the Black Hills and his residencies. He has created murals in Rapid City schools, St. Cloud State University and several Native American gaming facilities, and has done design work including book covers, posters and educational publications. In his residencies, No Heart seeks to establish a rapport with children of all races, to counteract the negative effects of stereotyping and to open students to a new view of nature. He believes that students can understand nature not as a recreational playground, but as a source of life-giving forces that can help us heal Mother Earth. He will share stories with young people about the buffalo and other denizens of the wild and how indigenous peoples share the earth with those creatures. His residencies will include skills he was taught by his parents and grandparents and by other ikce wicasa (common people) of the tribe before he began his formal education, along with artistic skills and the use of color and light to bring art to life.

Grade levels: 4-12

Daryl No Heart
Rapid City, SD 57701
Phone: (605) 593-6352
E-mail: dnoheart@yahoo.com

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