How to Apply


Grant writing does not require specialized training or expertise; however, the South Dakota Arts Council offers assistance.

  • Read the General Information section, follow the grant application guidelines carefully, and include all necessary information.
  • Present a realistic budget.
  • Start early. Ask someone else to read the application for clarity. Don’t forget to proofread.
  • Be sure to meet the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Contact the South Dakota Arts Council office with questions regarding eligibility or other information.

Each grant category has separate guidelines. Application forms follow guidelines. Questions concerning the guidelines can be answered by the South Dakota Arts Council staff during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time, Monday through Friday. 711 E. Wells Ave., Pierre, SD 57501-3369, (605) 773-3301 In state toll-free, 1-800-952-3625 E-mail: Guidelines and application forms are also available on our website.

Submitting Proposals
  • Complete an Applicant Profile
  • Complete an Applicant Information form
  • Complete Application Summary & Information form
  • Use the Glossary and Grant Application Codes in completing your application.
  • Make sure that budgetary information is complete and totaled correctly.
  • Submit all requested documentation in the proper form.
  • Keep a copy of the completed application for your records.
  • Inform the South Dakota Arts Council of any changes in your contact person, address, phone number, or pertinent application information.

Deadlines for most grants are March 1st or September 1st please refer to individual grant for more specifics listed in the guidelines for each grant category. Applications must be submitted by the deadline.

Review Process

Staff reviews applications for conformance to the South Dakota Arts Council guidelines and budgetary considerations. Applications are then sent to arts discipline panels and the South Dakota Arts Council.

Members of the arts discipline panels are professional artists, arts administrators, and professionals in arts disciplines. Panelists are nominated by Council members, the public, or the staff, and approved by the Council chair. Service on panels is limited to two years. Members are rotated regularly to ensure new points of view. Each arts discipline panel is made up of an in-state professional, an out-of-state professional, an Arts Council member, and is usually facilitated by a non-voting Council member.

The Review Panel rates applications based on the Criteria for Awarding Grants established for each grant category. Ratings are on a scale of one (poor) to ten (excellent). Panel recommendations are presented to the full Council for final decisions. The Council may request a revised budget or project description, or both, before taking final action on a grant application.

Exceptions to this review process are Interim grants of $500 or less.

When you receive a SDAC Grant

Forms needed to accept a grant: If you or your organization is awarded a grant by the SDAC, you will need to fill out and return a several forms. (1) W-9 form (2) a Grant Agreement Form; (3) a Grant Terms and Conditions form, and (4) a Request for Payment form. These forms will be mailed to you along with the grant award letter, but they are also available here to be filled in and printed. Touring Artists forms are located under Touring Arts on the main menu.

Appeals Process

Any applicant who disputes the decision of the Council or staff must follow the appeal procedure as established by South Dakota Arts Council Administrative Rules. A copy of Chapter 24:50:01 Grant Assistance is available upon request from the Council staff. Incomplete or late applications are denied an appeals process.

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