Artist Collaboration Grant

Artist Collaboration Grants support two artists working together to advance their work and careers, $6,000 grants. They support artists working in the same or different disciplines and from the same or different states. Application must include and be submitted by a South Dakota artist.

Visit the Applicant Portal [linked here] to review grant guidelines, eligibility requirements, criteria, and the application procedure before beginning the application process.

Eligible Artists

  • Artist Grants support any South Dakota-based individual committed to advancing their artistic work and career.
  • Applicant must reside in South Dakota or within the borders of the state’s nine federally recognized Tribal reservations for at least one year prior to the start of the grant (July 1, 2023) and remain a resident through the end of the grant (June 30, 2024).


  • Artists and organizations cannot seek funding for the same project.
  • Artists cannot apply in more than one grant category.
  • Anyone pursuing high school diplomas, graduate, undergraduate, or professional degrees.
  • Currently serving South Dakota Arts Council board members and staff cannot apply for any grants to artists.
  • Previous Artist Fellowships and Artist Collaboration recipients cannot apply for any grants for a three-year period.

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