Every artist, school, and nonprofit organization utilizing grant money awarded by the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC) must complete and submit an evaluation of the project before the conclusion of the fiscal year. In some cases, the final 10 percent of the grant money is withheld until this evaluation has been received and approved by SDAC staff. Failure to submit the final evaluation will prohibit future funding.

The following form is designed for the final evaluation of most grants. However, it is NOT to be used to evaluate Touring Artists or Artists in Schools & Communities. Those programs have specialized evaluation forms that will be sent directly to sponsors by the SDAC.

The evaluation form below may be filled out on line, printed off, and mailed to the Arts Council. It must be mailed because an original signature is required on the form. Shaded areas on the form indicate text areas that may be filled in by the grantee. Check boxes may be selected, but if the form says select one only, the form will allow only one box to be selected. Drop down boxes are used for ratings and allow grantees to choose a number 1 to 5 to rate specific aspects of the activity.

This form is also available has a hardcopy, please contact the SDAC office. SDAC staff members are happy to assist individuals and organizations with grant applications, evaluations, or other issues. Please do not hesitate to contact the office. Contact information is listed on each application form and the evaluation form, as well as on the website and on printed documents.

Please read the State of South Dakota Disclaimer prior to using any SDAC file.

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