Project Grant

Project Grants assist South Dakota nonprofit organizations in presenting an activity in any arts discipline(s) that serves the general public and meets specific needs of the applicant organization. 

The funding category is designed to:

  • Enable nonprofit organizations in South Dakota to reach the public more effectively through special arts projects.
  • Recognize and assist artistic endeavors of excellence that contribute to quality of life in the applicant’s community or region.
  • Accommodate projects with creative/innovative potential

South Dakota Arts Council funds may only be granted to eligible South Dakota-based organizational subrecipients.* This includes the following groups:

  • • Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations*
    • Nonprofit institutions of higher education
    • Units of state or local government
    • Federally recognized tribal governments

*South Dakota-based - Nonprofit arts/cultural organization physically located in the state of South Dakota or within the borders of the state’s nine federally recognized Tribal reservations. *501(c)(3) organizations - Applicant organizations must demonstrate proof of nonprofit status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Fiscal Agents for regranting to/on behalf of organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) status are not eligible. South Dakota Organizations that for logical reasons share a 501(c)(3) tax ID number with another organization are eligible to apply for project grants provided that: 

  • the relationship between the organizations is real and not contrived merely for the purpose of each writing a separate grant proposal. [Appropriate examples include but are not limited to (1) college/university organizations and departments that for practical reasons share the school’s nonprofit status and tax number; (2) an organization that functions independently but has a legal working relationship with a parent company whose tax number it shares; (3) a consortium of separate organizations each with its own board of directors which for fiscal purposes share the same tax number.]
  • the financial records relating to any and all SDAC grant activities are separately maintained and demonstrate each organization’s autonomous, financially independent status.

South Dakota Organizations failing to meet the threshold for Arts Challenge grants should apply for a Project Grant, even if they are seeking funds for more than one activity.

Organizations may apply for only one Project Grant per granting cycle. Recipients of Arts Challenge Grants, Importation of Musicians Grants, and Statewide Services Grants are not eligible to apply for Project Grants.

All applications must be submitted  on-line only by March 1.

Grant Amount
No more than 50% of the total project costs may be requested from the Arts Council. Grants must be matched at least dollar for dollar. A strong cash commitment by the applicant is encouraged. In many cases, SDAC will only be able to provide a grant of no more than one-half the artist’s fees and travel associated with the proposed activity. The range of South Dakota Arts Council Project Grants is generally $500 to $5,000. Please be realistic in the amount requested when preparing an application.
Funds may be requested as needed throughout the fiscal year. The final payment (10% of grant) will be made upon receipt of the evaluation.

Criteria for Awarding Grants
Applications are reviewed by arts discipline panels and SDAC with consideration given to:

  • Complete description of the project.
  • How the project will make a positive contribution to the arts and/or quality of life in the community or region.
  • Quality within the art form(s) as determined from artistic documentation.
  • Realistic budget showing cash support from other public and private sources.
  • Organizational and fiscal management: indication of the applicant’s ability to manage and complete the proposed activity.

Bonus points will be given to applications that reveal:

  • Especially innovative or creative projects.
  • Involvement of disabled, minority, geographically isolated or new constituencies as specifically addressed in the narrative.
  • Inclusion or development of advocacy, visibility, or public awareness of the arts as specifically addressed in the narrative.
  • Specific plans for enhancing K-12 arts education.


Grant Evaluation Form:  Evaluations are due 30 days after the end of the fiscal year. An evaluation form will be provided with grant award materials. The evaluation narrative should give a brief description of work accomplished with grant funds during the grant period and a statement indicating the impact of the grant on the artist’s career development.   Subsequent grants are dependent upon receipt of complete evaluation reports.

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