Touring Arts Artist Grant


The Touring Arts Program widens distribution of the arts throughout South Dakota and offers new opportunities to artists, arts producing organizations, schools and audiences.

The funding category is designed to:

  • Provide quality arts programming to schools and communities.
  • Help make the arts available in all regions of the state.

Professional artists, arts organizations, and educational institutions in the various arts disciplines willing to tour in South Dakota with performances, exhibits or specific programs for a two-year period.


All Touring Arts applications must be submitted electronically through SDAC’s e-grant system no later than September 1, 2017. The e-grant system will be open to applicants on June 1, 2017. Applications submitted through the mail will NOT be accepted. Grant awards will be announced in December for the fiscal year starting July 1st of the following year. Touring Arts programs are endorsed for a two-year period.

Grant Amount

Applicants must establish a fee for each activity of their program (performance, exhibit, residency, workshop, etc.) and estimate the number of bookings that can reasonably be projected for one year. This information will be used to help the Council determine grant amounts for each artist on the roster. Up to 50% of the total projected program fees may be requested from the Council.

Ideally, a touring artist will have one set fee, which is the same for everyone. Due to rising travel expenses, however, touring artists have the option of establishing a fee range. The Council’s share of the fee is paid to the Touring Arts program after each engagement, upon receipt of the Touring Arts Contract. The local sponsor pays the remainder of the fee to the Touring Artist immediately following the activity.

Since one of the purposes of the Touring Arts program is to distribute roster artists widely throughout the state, matching funds are available for only one activity in the touring artist’s home community. Additional activities in the touring artist’s home community cannot be funded unless the sponsoring organization is hosting a statewide or regional event.

Touring Arts grants will be awarded over a two-year period for fiscal years 2019 and 2020 (July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 and July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020) with the same award provided each year pending federal and state appropriations. Should appropriations be increased, reduced or eliminated, second year grant awards will reflect such action.


Touring Artists are responsible for booking and contracting directly with local sponsors. Sponsors must be nonprofit organizations, units of government or nonprofit education institutions. All activities sponsored by the South Dakota Arts Council must take place in South Dakota.

Criteria for Awarding Grants

Applications are reviewed by the arts discipline panels and the Council with consideration given to:

  • Quality of artistic work and indication of exceptional talent within art form.
  • Complete description of Touring Arts program.
  • Ability or potential to book a successful tour.
  • Achieving a balanced Touring Arts roster.


NOTE: In reviewing applications, discipline panelists consider the quality of the applicant’s work as demonstrated by the artistic documentation submitted. Because the quality of this documentation will play a critical role in panel ratings and funding recommendations, great care should be taken to ensure the submission of quality digital images, DVDs, and/or CDs.

Application Procedure

Applicants must use SDAC’s e-grant system to submit an application. Applications submitted through the mail will NOT be accepted.

When you log onto the e-grant system you will be asked to:

  • Complete an Applicant Profile
  • Complete an Applicant Information form
  • Create and attach a professional resume
  • Attach examples of artistic documentation (manuscripts, digital images [1920 x 1920 pixels], CDs, DVDs, etc.) CD’s will need to be converted to MP3’s before downloading.  You can get CD converters FREE online by searching for CD to MP3 converters, or mail the CD along with the Signature Page, to SDAC, 711 E Wells Ave, Pierre, SD 57501
  • Complete a budget page
  • Attach or mail supplemental documentation, i.e. reviews, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • Complete Roster Information page
  • Provide website address where promotional information can be found or mail press kits to SDAC
  • Complete Signature Page
  • Electronically submit application
  • Mail Signature Page to SDAC

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