Touring Arts Sponsor Information


The Touring Arts Program widens distribution of the arts and offers new opportunities to artists, arts producing organizations and audiences.

The funding category is designed to:

  • Provide quality arts programming to schools and communities.
  • Help make the arts available in all regions of the state.
Artist Availability

Touring Arts programs are listed in the Touring Arts Roster on the South Dakota Arts Council website.


South Dakota nonprofit organizations, units of government, and nonprofit educational institutions may sponsor Touring Arts Programs. A nonprofit tax number is required on the Touring Arts Contract. All activities sponsored by the South Dakota Arts Council must take place in South Dakota.

Grant Amount

Matching funds up to 50% of the program cost may be awarded to Touring Arts sponsors; however, support is subject to availability of funds allocated from state and federal sources. Please make arrangements to book Touring Arts programs as soon as possible to secure Arts Council funding.

Booking Touring Arts Programs

Sponsors of Touring Arts programs negotiate directly with the contact person listed for each Touring Arts program.

Call or write the contact person listed in the Touring Arts Roster to arrange the engagement: date, length of activity/residency, number and variety of services, publicity needs, space, lighting, equipment, etc. Negotiate the fee, including Arts Council assistance, time and method of payment. All details should be agreed to before a contract between the sponsor and Touring Arts program is signed. Sponsors must write the authorizing nonprofit’s tax identification number on the Touring Arts Contract.

When the program is completed, the sponsor must pay its share of the artist’s fee directly to the Touring Arts program. SDAC pays the matching funds directly to the Touring Arts program.


The Arts Council will send the sponsor an evaluation form to be completed and returned to the Arts Council office within 30 days of the Touring Arts program.

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