and the RED GUITAR

Phil Baker

Phil Baker is one of the most innovative and respected songwriters shaping children's music today. Known for his signature style - a red guitar, heartfelt lyrics, catchy tunes, and quality musicianship and production - Baker involves the children throughout his show. He began his unique music career as a jazz guitarist, followed by a short stint in the rock band IVORY, although it was a preschool teacher who invited him to play guitar for children in her classroom that would eventually lead him on a musical journey to perform for young audiences.

Having written more than 100 songs, Baker has collaborated with organizations like Disney, Sesame Street, WebMD, and others on issues that impact the lives of children, such as character education, language development, and children's health. Named one of the Top 12 Young Men of America, Phil has inspired countless children to help make the world a better place. He has dedicated his life to strengthening communities through music and performance and has made an indelible mark on South Dakota's music scene as well as its cultural landscape. His show works well for an early childhood, elementary, or family audience. Suggested venues include libraries, museums, schools, concert halls, fairs, festivals, as well as community events.

Technical requirements: Baker provides a professional sound system for his performances. An accessible stage or platform is preferred for outdoor performances. In a school setting, a gym is preferred with students on the floor and teachers sitting in chairs.

Fee structure: Performance: $800 - $1,500,Teacher inservice: $500-1,000 School or library performance: $500-1,000; SDAC support up to 50%.
Contact: Phil Baker
P.O. Box 88852, Sioux Falls, SD 57109
(605) 321-9546

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