The Comfort Theatre Company offers a "menu" of musical events and several productions are always available. This is the group that brought you "Always... Patsy Cline," the immensely popular biographical musical play which is now in revival for a limited time.

"Patsy" is the story of one woman's introduction to Patsy Cline's music and subsequent introduction to Patsy herself. "Always..." has always played to full-houses across the region and has received rave reviews. The Sioux Falls Argus Leader called it "an uncanny, spine-tingling performance," and awarded the show as the best musical of the year, Bonde as best actress and Pillar as best supporting actress!

Also available is the Americana combo, "East of Westreville," featuring Kaija Bonde (vocals), Boyd Bristow (rhythm guitar and vocals), Brian Bonde (lead guitar and vocals), and Al Slaathaug (upright bass). It intertwines good "old-timey" music like bluegrass, blues, gospel, folk, and country music interspersed with homespun humor. Their warmly-welcomed CD, entitled "Waitin..." is in its second printing and they are featured performers on South Dakota Public Television's "No Cover, No
Minimum" and "A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor".

An original musical review, "Of Thee I Swing," recreates a classic late night cabaret show at a Broadway hotel during its heyday in the thirties and forties. It showcases unique arrangements of standard songs of stage and screen with popular songs of World War I, The Depression Era, and World War II. The show features Kaija Bonde with the Gene McGowan Jazz Trio.

Their latest project is "New Orleans Nights" featuring the traditional jazz & blues you may have heard on Bourbon Street decades ago. The show features Kaija and the new First Thursday Dixieland Band. The Comfort Theatre Company is an independent, producing, touring company. We are not a venue, a single artist or a single artistic group. Usually, we are sponsored to perform a production we created. But we may produce or help create someone else's show or artists. We usually work in
traditional venues, but are often called upon to create meaningful environments for audiences in nontraditional spaces using our personnel, equipment, lighting and sets.
The company is always working on new projects-please contact them for their latest offerings.

Technical requirements: Typical: A raised stage area of no less than 24 feet in width, no less than 18 feet in depth, with 15 feet vertical clearance. Four separate 20 amp 110-volt electrical circuits within 15 feet of the stage. A program must be provided to each attending patron using our artwork. Two people to assist with load in & out of set, sound and lighting equipment. An iced cooler of at least 12 mixed soft drinks. Meals, housing and travel to be arranged as needed.

Fee structure: Performance $400 to $2,200. Workshops $300. The company can help develop and perform in special limited-run musical and theatre projects. They can also provide groups with technical support in direction, producing, recording, lighting and sound reinforcement with state of the art equipment.SDAC support up to 50%.

Contact: Brian Bonde
2104 S Pendar Lane, Sioux Falls, SD 57105-3945
(605) 373.9650

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