Hank Harris



My musical journey performing in South Dakota has taken me at least a half a million miles through hundreds of towns, stages large and small, ballrooms, opera houses, libraries, museums, bars and eateries, museums, community theaters, schools and cow pastures. From crowds of 15,000 to intimate small settings. Thousands of people met, though I can't remember all their names.

Playing with South Dakota Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bands (DD and the Fayrohs, Red Willow Band and R&B Supply), solo, duos, trios and an occasional 10-piece horn band has offered me a continuing musical education and opportunity to pursue a life of creating music. Many thanks to the fellow musicians and audiences that have made this possible. Through these journeys, writing and chasing songs has been a common thread. By drawing from my road experience, my work with the Adams Museum (Two CDs, Deadwood Songbooks I and II), The South Dakota Railroad Museum (Currently researching and recording a CD collection of train songs),12 years as a part of SD Arts Council Touring Artist program, and 40 years of writing my own songs, in performance I tell the stories of how these songs come to life. Illuminating the tales of songwriters, the historical context, inspiration and the writing process itself. To tell the stories of the storytellers and their journeys, and then play the songs and let them speak for themselves. It's all about the story. And the stories are funny, poignant, enlightening, heartfelt, silly and span the wide and emotional landscape of the human experience.

Performance Reviews:

We challenged Hank with this performance. He needed to be flexible and innovative – and was both. -South Dakotans for the Arts Convention

Hank Harris was a huge draw for our series (Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Concerts). He was a true professional. He thanked SDAC for their commitment - huge audience clap of approval. - Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation

WORLD BEAT COWBOY confirms what many South Dakotans have known for years. Harris is a songwriter’s songwriter, a deft tunesmith able to convey complex emotions in a straightforward compelling manner. – BOB KEYES, SIOUX FALLS ARGUS LEADER

Technical requirements: Minimum 8"X 12"flat stage - 110 electrical power • I can supply sound system. Any venue with superior sound/lighting systems capabilities will be welcome in getting the best sound we can.

Fee structure: Performance $750 to $1,250. SDAC support up to 50%.

Contact: Hank Harris
Rapid City, SD 
(605) 341-3247
e-mail: hankharris2001@yahoo.com
website: https://www.hankharrismusic.com/
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/hankharrismusic/

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