THE HOOP OF LIFEMan (Kevin Locke) stands with hoop. Dressed in traditional clothing.

Kevin Locke, as a soloist, performs school assemblies for elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as concerts for the general public. He also performs in lecture and workshop settings for universities. His program is called "The Hoop of Life" in all cases, whether it is a school assembly or a full concert. The program is educational for students in the workshops, lectures, and school
assemblies. Depending on funding, Kevin will perform with recorded music or bring along a live singer.

This year, in keeping with his work for heritage recognition for Indian schools, Kevin piloted a new program at two schools on the Standing Rock Reservation. It's purpose is to keep alive the music of the indigenous flute and is run in conjunction with the Lakota Language Consortium. The program has two parts, the initial session is three hours in which Kevin performs, the students learn about the Indigenous Flute, assemble a flute, and learn a simple song. The follow up session is two hours during which the students concentrate solely on Lakota music, learning to play several Lakota flute pieces. Our goal is to eventually have teachers be able to use this as a standard part of their yearly

Technical requirements:  Kevin Locke's school programs require only a good dance surface and basic quality sound.

Fee structure:
Kevin's workshops and residencies include Interactive Hoop Dance Workshop, Lakota Flute Workshop, Workshop on Lakota history and traditions, and a teacher's working on the Lakota Way of teaching children - Teaching the Spirit Within. Single class workshops begin at $700, and multiple day, multiple class residencies have a maximum fee of $6,300., SDAC support up to 50%.

Booking information:
Lakota Performing Arts, LLC
(605) 848-0550

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