Todd Green

Todd Green performs original music inspired by many different cultures in the Middle East, Central Asia, Far East and South America on over 30 acoustic string, flute and percussion instruments from all over the world. Todd’s custom, mic-driven electronic system, centered around three digital samplers or “loopers” with a total of 15 channels, gives him almost unlimited flexibility as he layers instruments into colorful tapestries of sound as he takes his audiences on an unforgettable and pleasantly educational armchair tour of World Music.

In conjunction with his concerts, Todd is available for 60-minute age-appropriate educational assemblies for K-12 students or master classes for college music students. In these, Todd demonstrates 25 of his most fascinating string, flute and percussion instruments and unusual rhythms and scales used in other cultures. He relates the instruments both culturally and historically as well as to our own familiar Western instruments. He has performed this highly engaging and acclaimed program for over 300,000 K-12 students and on well over 100 college campuses all over the USA and parts of Canada since 1993. Todd’s artistic mission is “to help break down the barriers that divide us by experiencing other cultures through their music.”

Please visit to view his instruments up close in “Instrument Gallery”, YouTube clips from concerts in “Video Samples” and many strong testimonials from all over the USA and additional video in “Educational Programs”.M

Technical requirements: Assistance with load-ins, load-outs and partial set-ups at all programs as well as with a 20-minute sound check and CD sales at his concerts. An indoor, level performance area of at least 16’ x 24’. Todd carries his own top-notch sound system including all microphones and controls his own sound from the stage so a sound technician is not required. He needs unhindered access to the performance area a full 3 hours prior to the educational programs and 8 hours prior to a concert (to allow the tuning of his many instruments to properly settle to the ambient temperature and humidity.)

Fee structure: $2,750 for one 2-hour concert and two educational programs (for two different age groups) including ALL travel and lodging expenses.
Additional outreach is $500 per program. SDAC support up to 50%.
Contact: Sarolta Nilsson, Manager
Artistic Promotions Unlimited
1352 Judy Street, Minden, NV 89423
Toll-free cell: 888-568-1282

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