Yi-Chun Lin
East River Ensemble

The East River Ensemble, founded and lead by Yi-Chun Lin, will host various chamber music concerts involving two to four master level musicians introducing eclectic music styles. The program will educate the audiences about great chamber music through presentation style shows, which includes talks in between pieces and a Q and A session following the concert. The ensemble follows a cost effective model where the highest level performers present the concerts in more remote or underprivileged areas of South Dakota that would not otherwise be able to benefit from this level of artistry. The project is always exploring ways to integrate music with different disciplines like literature, film, or art, to affect the audiences in the broadest possible way.

On top of the touring concerts, the East River Ensemble musicians will give masterclasses/ workshops/clinics in the surrounding local schools/educational facilities to help foster a deeper appreciation and knowledge towards music among young students.

Primary audience: Youth and Adults

Technical Requirements:
It varies depending on the styles and types of music presented in a program.

Fee Structure:
Ranges from $800-2000
Workshop: $1000
Master Class: $800

Contact the artist:
Yi-Chun Lin
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Phone: (646) 704-3693
Email: yichunjeanlin@gmail.com
Website: https://www.yclmusic.com/

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