“Links in a Chain” Apprenticeship Exhibit (2002-2004)

This exhibit featured the artists who participated in the Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program in 2001-02 and 2002-03. Art forms included saddlemaking, Swedish Nalbinding (a rug making technique), German-Russian willow basketry, Midwestern fiddling, Lakota beadwork, diamond willow cane carving, Norwegian woodcarving, and Lakota dolls. The exhibit was designed and produced by the South Dakota Art Museum at SDSU in Brookings, and then traveled to the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City and the Dakotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen. Each venue hosted a reception with several of the artists demonstrating and talking about their work.

A child’s saddle by Pete Reinert, who apprenticed with saddlemaker Robert Dennis.

The Links in a Chain exhibit at the South Dakota Art Museum, showing Lakota crafts by Alvin Pipe On Head and Calvin Renteria, Norwegian carving by Stan Fillingsness and Arne Bortnem, willow baskets by Leroy Graber, Kim Graber, and Lori Wood, and a Nallbinding rug by Mitchell Fields.

Lakota beadwork by Tilda St. Pierre and her apprentice Stephanie Sorbel.